Connecting cosmetology students with accessible scheduling and hands on learning with clients who enjoy a number of pampering and beauty experiences, including facials, tinting, lash extension and so much more.

Academy Of Aesthetic Arts

Cultivating an environment where every student and client knows they have value, are worthy of success, and goes out into the world uplifted and encouraged.

Exceptional Education in an Intimate Environment

The Academy's smaller class size, multiple methods of teaching, and hands on experience,
allows students to gain knowledge and skills immediately!
ADA accessible parking and restroom.

- Accepting Full and Part Time Students! -


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Finance your Education

Have you put off your education because you believe it's not affordable? Now is the time to make your education a priority. It has never been easier to compare loans. Click here for details. Please note: Academy of Aesthetic Arts does not take FAFSA at this time.

NEW Program!

Become a licensed Manicurist. Accepting applications for new nail students now.

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Give the Perfect Gift

Send a gift to friends, family, co-workers, clients - instantly in any amount you choose!

Become a Licensed Aesthetician, Master Aesthetician or Manicurist

Offering Master Aesthetics Program

You can be a licensed Aesthetician!

  • Aesthetician is 750 hours
  • Master Aesthetician is 1200 hours or 475 hours (for already licensed Aestheticians)

Bring out your best future with Academy of Aesthetic Arts Aesthetician programs! In our school we offer a flexible schedule where you get to learn a trade to start a career in aesthetics.

Mission Statement

Equipping students through academic and clinical
excellence in a flexible, supportive, and creative environment. 


Flexible Classes

While your education is our main focus, we understand that you still have a life to lead. The Academy is designed to support your individual scheduling needs.
​Part time and full time classes available.

Gain Business Knowledge

Our active learning environment provides you with ample opportunities to practice critical business and client management skills.

Pamper Your Clients

This is what we do! Pamper and be pampered. Learning by hands on is a must! Not only will you learn how to pamper your clients at the highest level, you'll have opportunities to be pampered as well.

Academy of Aesthetic Arts

Vena Villanueva

Vena Villanueva

Owner, School Director
Licensed Aesthetician & Instructor

Academy of Aesthetic Arts is located at 4520 Lacey Blvd #9, in Lacey, Washington. We face Pacific Ave, in the same complex as Walgreens on College St. SE, Pacific Ave., and Lacey Blvd. Located between Charter College and Rodda Paint on the backside of Lacey Town Square.

Men's Skin Services

Beards, faces, backs and more! We proudly serve men's skin care needs. Schedule for a Whiskey Facial, a beard treatment, a waxing and more!

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Sandy - Certified Aesthestician

"An education at Academy of Aesthetic Arts is a dream come true! I have always had a passion for aesthetics and I am excited to begin my new career. Vena is such and inspiring and encouraging instructor. I like the flexible hours, hands on learning and fun atmosphere. I love giving facials, helping people relax and feel good."​

Licensed Aesthetician


"Thank you Vena and her wonderful students for my relaxing experience with their new sun sauna. I'm so glad I got to try that. I will be coming more through the winter to help keep away the blues! And thank you again for your doing men's facials too! It was a fun treat to be able to give my sweet heart as part of a relax and enjoy outing."

Sheena Hamilton
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