Master Aesthetics

Master Aesthetics - 475 Clock Hours

Our Master Aesthetics program is designed for aestheticians already licensed and practicing who are looking to improve and add to their professional skills. Students will receive traditional classroom instruction and hands experience in the public spa setting. The Master Aesthetics program is designed for the working student and can be completed in 5 months; program may be completed more quickly if attending full-time. Upon completion of the program, students will be ready for state board exams and professional licensing.

The program includes an in-depth understanding of skin sciences, diseases and disorders of the skin, alternative skin health and wellness treatments and modalities, as well as working in a medical environment. Additionally, students will learn, though this is not limited to, microneedling, chemical peels, dermaplaning, advanced facial machines, including theory and hands-on IPL, radiofrequency, and micro-current. The business side of Aesthetics will also be taught, as this is crucial for success in the industry.

Students will also have opportunities to seek additional certification in advanced services. Industry related classes will also be offered to students, as they are available, such as threading, aromatherapy, lash perming and tinting.

Minimum hours Theory Instruction
Advanced Skin Sciences (physiology, cardiovascular and lymphatic, skin disorders, biochemistry, histology, skin and hormones) 25 100
Medical Sciences (working in a medical setting, medical terminology, medical interventions, plastic surgery procedures, pre/post treatment) 10 10
Advanced Facial Modalities (microneedling, dermaplaning, microcurrent, machines, & medium depth peels) 25 100
Lasers and Radio Frequency (light, energy, skin resurfacing and hair removal, ultrasound, & plasma skin regeneration) 10 20
Advanced Skin Health and Wellness (identifying, risk factors, causes) 25 80
Advanced Business Practices (marketing, finances, planning) 10 40
Total 105 370
Total Minimum Hours of Theory 105
Total Minimum Hours of Practical* 370
Minimum Hours for to take Esthetic State Boards 450

*Note – not all training may be on mannequins

Instructional Methods and Grading Procedures

The Washington State Board of Cosmetology requires the completion of either A) One thousand two hundred hours; or B) Esthetician license plus four hundred fifty hours of training to qualify graduates to apply for the Washington State licensing examination for Master Esthetics. Students will be assessed upon entering the program, to determine current skills and areas of focused improvement needs as well as individual learning styles; they will begin with both theory and spa floor time. Students are graded on a variety of areas, including participation, hands on practice, business management, written assignments and exams. Instructional methods include lectures, demonstration, visual aids, clinical floor practice, occasional guest speakers, class discussion, field trips and written assignments. Written tests are usually multiple-choice format. Students are required to pass a final written and practical test with a satisfactory grade (80% or above) before graduation. Upon satisfactory completion, students will receive “Certificate of Completion.”

Tuition and Supplies

Tuition Required $5,000
Student Kit * Required $819.75 ($750 + $69.75 sales tax)
Student Kit for AAA alumni ** Required $710.45 ($650 + $60.45 sales tax)

*(Kit includes: Milady’s Advanced Esthetics: Fundamental Textbook and Workbook, Uniform Tunic, Nametag, Business
Cards, skin care products)

**(Kit includes everything above, minus Uniform Tunic and Nametag)

A down payment of $2000 is applied to tuition and the Required Student Kit. The balance must be paid in full by completion of 400 hours; with monthly payments of $950. The tuition must be paid in full prior to receiving a Completion Certificate and the scheduling of state board examinations.

Advanced certifications may require additional fees, which the student may choose to obtain and must be paid in full prior to taking the certification. Tuition and fees are subject to change until contract is signed.

For prospective students interested in obtaining their Aesthetics and Master Aesthetics education, tuition cost for the combined programs is $12,000. Costs for both kits total $1,256.95. A down payment of $4,000 is required. Monthly payments will be discussed at time of registration.