Medical Aesthetics


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Enhance your career.
Meet the demands of the fastest growing segment in the medical field.
Work with medical spas, dermatologists, and plastic surgeons!

Once completed, all courses come with a Certificate of Completion in Medical Aesthetics which is endorsed by the Institute of Advanced Aesthetics and Health Sciences.

Tuition is $2500 - and the same course is expected to be worth $10,000 in the next few years when our book is picked up as competition to the Milady!

Once purchased, you will receive a link to the course within 72 hours.

Certificate of Completion in medical aesthetics comes with every course.  A certificate will be emailed once completed registration form is received.

Program Content


-Causes of Skin Disease

-Etiology and Management of Acne

-Etiology and Management of Rosacea

Cosmetic Dermatology

-Chemical Resurfacing in Dermatology

-Layered Peels in Dermatology

-Phototherapy in Dermatology; LED, Laser, IPL, Photodynamic Therapy  

Anatomy & Physiology

-Hormones and Skin Disease

-Managing Ethnic Skin


-Endocannabinoid System


"I am definitely grateful for the Medical Aesthetician program.  The material is very detailed and informative.  Within a month of starting the program, I was able to get a job in a dermatology practice as a Medical Aesthetician.  They were very impressed with the confidence and knowledge I shared during my interview.  I know it was from the training that I obtained through the program."


"I have been an esthetician for 15 years working with dermatologists, and chose to pursue my advanced education.  It was fascinating to see how much dedication and hard work had been put into this program to provide a deep and thorough knowledge in medical aesthetics."

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