Nail Technician

Tatiana Stewart Nail Instructor


I am so excited and honored to be a part of the AAA and roll out the brand-new Manicuring program. It’s a bucket-list item for me to be able to teach what I love doing: Nails! I have been a licensed nail tech since I was 16; 14 years total! I enrolled in a Running Start Manicuring program when I was in the 11th grade and graduated high school ready to start my career in the nail world. I have worked in many salon settings, on-set of a fashion show, many editorial photoshoots, and I even own my own nail business. Some people collect plants, or fine china; I collect nail polish and glitter! I love learning in this ever evolving field and mastering skills to provide to my clients. The next step was for me to share this wealth of knowledge with aspiring nail gurus to help make the nail industry a better place. Let me know how I can uplift you on your nail journey!


Hi! My name is Karen. I am certified in manicuring, esthetics, lash extensions, microblading, and more recently, Vena Marie helped me gain my Instructors license. I am excited to help AAA develop a manicuring program that will set the bar for education in this field. One of the things I love about this field, is that there are no limits. Our goal is to help you create and pursue your goals in Manicuring, and send you into the field with the knowledge to be confident and successful.



The nail industry is saturated with salons not performing at the standard on every corner. At AAA we aim to not only teach the standard, but to teach the highest standards of Manicuring. The Manicuring industry is in need of Nail Techs with education that meets the standard needs of consumers safely, efficiently, and with confidence. Occupation opportunities include nail tech, product ambassador/representative, salon/spa owner, State Board member, mobile nail tech, nail tech for hire-photoshoots, runway, etc.
Students will grasp manicuring skills in a classroom and in public spa setting. AAA provides unique experiences where students will learn necessary skills to be a successful manicurist including but not limited to basic manicuring and pedicuring, artificial enhancements, nail art, e-filing, gel polish, etc. The manicuring program will also include instruction on preparing for state board exams for licensure.

Clipping/filing/shaping of fingernails, cuticle care, exfoliation, masks/paraffin, massage, polishing
25 100
Clipping/filing/shaping of toenails, cuticle care, callus care, exfoliation, masks/paraffin, massage, polishing
25 100
Artificial Enhancements
Proper prep, choosing enhancement medium for the client-acrylic/gel/polygel/dip, e-filing, nail art
25 100
Cleaning & Disinfection
As it pertains workstation, equipment, tools/implements
10 50
Safety & First Aid
Blood spill, chemical storage, electrical equipment
10 50
Diseases & Disorders
As it pertains to the hands/nails/feet
10 50
Networking, field trips, job shadow, peer evaluations
20 25
Total 125 475
Minimum hours of theory
Minimum hours of practical
Minimum hours needed to take Manicuring State Boards