“I love being a student at Academy of Aesthetic Arts. Vena is not only a great esthetician, but also an amazing instructor. She offers a flexible class schedule, making it possible for me to graduate while working full time. Students are able to learn services that usually require specialty certifications such as lash extensions. It is a great place to be!”

Student Testimonial_Christina

“Going to school at Academy of Aesthetic Arts has been the best thing I have ever done. I have learned more than how to be a good aesthetician, I have learned how to be a business person. I have made some great connections with people, both students and clients. I have become confident in my skills and myself personally. I want to do the same for others and I look forward to my continuing education here at AAA.”

Student Testimonial_Dawn
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What made you want to go to Academy of Aesthetic Arts?

“I like the flexible hours, I like the hands on learning. If I don’t want to learn something, I don’t have to. I like the location, it’s easy (to get to). I like that there's different levels of students, that we can learn off each other, collaborative learning with Vena’s guidance.”


Why did you choose to be an aesthetician?

“Because I discovered that I enjoy that girl time, I enjoy making people feel good about themselves. I've known that I like to help people. When I quit my job in 2015, I discovered in 2016 that I missed my customers, I didn’t miss the work, I didn’t miss the job, I missed helping people.”